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“It’s fun to have fun!”

Great Ones is a celebration of humans we admire — and an exploration of why they cook, not just how. Zander Schlacter is the Brooklyn–based designer and interdisciplinary artist behind our new limited-edition Dutch oven collection. We joined Zander and his friends for a summer picnic near Zander’s Dumbo studio to celebrate the collaboration. 

I’ve always been an artist. Once I learned about textile design, it felt like such a natural fit, given my interest in fashion and personal style, as well as my preference for bold colors, patterns, and funky mixing and matching.

I’m inspired by many things: optical art, dazzle patterns, tessellations.


I’m inspired by many things: optical art, dazzle patterns, tessellations, and complex repeat-pattern geometry. I also find inspiration in decorative arts history and Bauhaus weavers, queer culture and aesthetics, and art made by children!


Cooking is a stress-relieving activity for me, as long as I can go off book and make something up with any ingredients I have on hand.


Food is about joy and connection! There’s nothing like gathering over a shared meal and breaking bread together with friends.

Food is about joy and connection!


Three of my best friends — Patrick, Jonah, and G, as well as my dog, Alfie — joined for the picnic. We had an assortment of food. I love a "high-low" menu concept, for lack of a better term. We had Dan Pelosi’s summer-corn salad, but we also had sheet cake and cheese puffs.

I love a "high-low" menu concept.


I had an "It's fun to have fun!" cake made for a party last year. It's a phrase my partner Buzz and I jokingly say a lot, and it sort of means everything and nothing at the same time. You just can't argue with it ... it is fun to have fun. We decided it would be a good sentiment to bring into this picnic.

It is fun to have fun.


A lot of the projects I design within my practice involve textiles or soft goods, so it was fun to switch it up and design for a hard home product. New types of products and production methods always present exciting challenges for me, and I often leave the design process with a new perspective to bring with me into future work.

I hope our collaboration can spark some everyday joy.


Looking ahead, I'm working on a new collection of home textiles, which will launch later this year! It will be my first collection since my Zander rebrand; I changed my name and came out as trans last year. I'm also working on more of my own artwork, as well as some other top-secret things I can't tell you about yet.

Photos by Noah Fecks

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